Ikee Design® 2 Pcs wood retail display riser stands

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SKU: WD2202

Features a stylish design and natural oak color finish, these wood displays stand risers provide a unique and creative way to showcase your products and items. The wide surface offers space for displaying various merchandise, dessert, jewelry, pottery, spices, jars, computer monitor and more. Each riser can be showcased together in a tiered arrangement or used individually. These display risers are perfect to display various items for any occasion. Accessories are NOT included.

2 PCS DISPLAY RISERS - Set of 2 natural oak color wood retail display riser stands for displaying desserts, jewelry, plants, pottery, and spices, plates, monitor... etc.
DISPLAY RISER STAND - DISPLAY RISER STAND - The display risers can be stacked together in a tiered arrangement to display items. Also can be used individually for your need.
WOODEN ACCESSORIES RISERS - Ideal for events, parties, or trade shows to showcase jewelry collection, desserts and merchandise.
MATERIAL & SIZE: Wood; Large: 8”W x 21 5/8”D x 3 7/8”H; Small: 5 7/8”W x 19 5/8”D x 2 7/8”H
Accessories are not included.