Ikee Design® Wire Metal Foldable Desk Supply Organizer

Ikee Design


This Wire Metal Foldable Desk Supply Organizer is a great work place organizer to keep your area clutter and mess free while at work. When not in use, you can fold it up and store it away which conserves space. There is a compartment for files and a removable compartment for post-it notes, erasers, etc. Measures 11 1/2"W x 11"H x 12"L

This collapsable component makes it convenient to tuck away while not in use to conserve space

There is a compartments for files and folders and a removable compartment with 3 slots for post-it notes, staples, erasers, white out, and other work supplies

The visibility that the mesh gives for small items like paper clips is also quite useful. Also, being mesh, it is less likely to get dusty

keeps clutter away on the vanity, counter top, work desk, etc. by keeping everything in one place and fast and convenient to use. Measures 15"L x 7"W x 8 1/2"H

keep important files at the ready with the filing compartment. It can also be used for other items as well like larger notebooks, iPads, books, rulers, etc. Measures 11 1/2"W x 11"H x 12"L

Type: Office

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