Ikee Design® Premium Acrylic Condiment Spice Jars

Ikee Design


This Acrylic Condiment Spice Jars with Spoons and a Tray Container is a great addition to your kitchen counter-top. It keeps all spices, herbs, and even ice-cream toppings in place and compartmentalized for ease of access and convenience. It is made of a shatter resistant premium quality acrylic that will not discolor over time and will remain looking as new.

  • Made of Premium quality acrylic, a high quality shatter resistance safeguards against injury and damage. It is thicker and more durable than the typical acrylic. Also includes 4 premium acrylic spoons for each spice jar
  • Ideal for spices, herbs, ice cream toppings, etc.
  • A perfect piece in the kitchen setting that keeps your spices compartmentalized and convenient
  • Compact enough to place on counter or cabinet without taking up much space
  • Has an indent to keep the spoon in place whether the lids are opened or closed, making it extremely convenient.
  • Measures 9 3/4"W x 3 7/8"D x 3"H

Type: Household

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